© Pontus Gustavsson


My name is Pontus Gustavsson, I'm an amateur photographer and work full time as a physician. I'm 28 years old and live in Växjö, a town in south-eastern Sweden with around 75000 inhabitants, where I currently work in the ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) clinic at the local hospital. I grew up in Ljungby and then Lomma, a little town outside Malmö. After high school I spent five and a half years in college, studying medicine in Linköping. There I also found my interest in photography in the spring of 1999, when I bought my first camera, a used Nikon FM2 with cheap 35-70mm and 100-300mm zoom lenses. The white mallard against the blue water in the gallery is from my first roll of film ever!

Since I've been boy-scouting, hunting and fishing since childhood, it felt natural to start depicting nature, especially animals and birds. Hunting and animal photography has a lot in common and compliment each other well in my opinion. Both hunters and nature photographers are responsible nature lovers with a common interest in preserving nature and protecting its animal inhabitants from the negative effects of modern society. In the last couple of years I have myself spending more time with the camera than the rifle however.

Although I currently live with my girlfriend Sofia in a centrally located flat, nature is never far away and Växjö is surrounded by small lakes with a rich fauna of especially birds. My personal life has been quite busy recently, with work, love and a new flat needing to be made inhabitable, so this year the camera has mostly been lying on the shelf, apart from a one-week trip to Norway in June, where I took hundreds of pictures of sea eagles and other birds, some of which you can see on this web site. I hope to return there next year for even better pictures! I would also like to photograph brown bears in Finland some day or visit Greenland for a polar bear safari when time and economy permits!